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Distribution done right.

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Software for people who hate software.

Managing a warehouse without a decent tracking tool means more returns, unhappy customers, and a tough time selling across multiple channels – but you don’t have to settle for a headache-inducing and expensive solution.
Meet CommerceBlitz: the simplest software for inventory and warehouse management across sales platforms. It’s web-based, omnichannel, and best of all, just plain fun to use.
Orders come in, shipments go out!
No More Training Seminars

So Easy, You'll Want to Throw a Party.

Onboard the team in minutes, eliminating unnecessary training expenses and making seasonal work a breeze for employees and warehouse manager jobs alike. See every order from every channel listed in real time. Print branded individual and batch pick tickets complete with multiple scannable fields.
Save time and money.

E-commerce and warehousing
Live Inventory Balancer

Turn "Inventory Days" Into "Inventory Minutes."

Let’s face it: when you “sync” inventory… it doesn’t normally work. It doesn’t match up to the second. You sell something on Amazon, but it’s still showing on Jet. We hated that – so we changed it. Our Inventory Fetch and Parse (IFP) functionality is a real-time, corrective inventory adjustment feed, updated continuously as changes come in from every channel. Download available inventory at the push of a button, giving you up-to-the-minute snapshots of where your operation stands.

Desk with laptop, printer, and reports
For the whole team

The Insights You Need to Succeed.

No. More. Stockouts. If you’ve been waiting to hear those words, you’ll love the insights CommerceBlitz provides for your business. Salespeople, buyers, and your warehouse crew can get individualized data that’s accurate up to the moment they click export. Know what’s selling so you can buy more, know what’s hot so you can market better, and know how to find everything, everywhere. Finally.

CommerceBlitz OMNI Warehouse

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Even More Features, Somehow:


Yes, it’s great to have inventory, but you’ll need to keep better track of it to run a successful operation. Scan items in and out of custom locations quickly and without confusion.

That’s right: we’ll handle all of your server and networking needs. Because CommerceBlitz is entirely web-based, your warehouse team can use regular tablets out on the floor – and your IT department doesn’t have to spend months setting up local networks and additional shared drives. 

Just like some of our biggest and more expensive competitors, our SaaS (software-as-a-service) module doesn’t require the purchase of any cumbersome proprietary hardware. Start in minutes with nothing more than a computer/tablet, printer, 2D scanner of your choice, and a WiFi signal. That’s it!

Coming in Q4 2020: Don’t feel like unpacking a pallet or a box? No sweat. Just scan the components in, then nest it all inside an existing zone as its own subzone! Not only does this make for some creative storage possibilities, but it helps prevent the day’s workflow from being interrupted by a particularly large or messy shipment.


OMNI Basic

Lean and mean
$ 199
after one-time setup fee ($500)
  • Includes one API integration*
  • 400 Orders/Month
  • 5 Users
  • Warehouse Stock Only


For growing operations
$ 299
after one-time setup fee ($500)
  • Includes one API integration*
  • 1,200 Orders/Month
  • 15 Users
  • Warehouse Stock + Dropshipping

OMNI Premium

You're moving weight
$ 399
after one-time setup fee ($500)
  • Includes one API integration*
  • 4,000 Orders/Month
  • 30 Users
  • Warehouse Stock, Dropshipping, + FBA

OMNI Enterprise

The whole nine yards
Call for quote Custom pricing available
  • Includes one API integration
  • Unlimited Orders
  • Unlimited Users
  • Warehouse Stock, Dropshipping, 3PL, + FBA
  • Custom API Integrations