Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a hands-on demo?

We offer an online demo with our Logistics For Hire team. Contact us for more info.

Is there a limit to how many products my catalog can have?

Technically, the limit is roughly 3,000,000 live products – at least that's how far we've been able to test. It could be more, but for now, CommerceBlitz's capabilities are effectively unlimited.

How many users can I have?

The number of users is unlimited – and each can have their own access privileges with approval required for certain actions.

Do I need a system for every location?

One version is enough to cover all of your locations. As long as you are organized with your shelving and do not duplicate location names, you can have as many physical or geographical locations as you want – provided each location has an Internet connection.

Will Logistics For Hire get me online for the first time?

Absolutely! Not only will we get you up and running, but we'll set you up for success. We provide a list of services including online catalog creation, custom product SEO with channel-specific fields, ad management, and marketplace setup/onboarding. We can even come to your location and set your warehouse up for you! Just ask a representative to quote you.

Can CommerceBlitz be customized for my company workflow and image?

We do have a few set rules to follow to avoid inventory issues, but otherwise we will work with you to provide a written SOP for your warehouse that works with your business. All pick tickets and packing slips can be custom-branded.